27 September 2008

Some "Good Reads" I've Read On-line Recently

I don't often have lots of time to spend on line, reading blogs, etc., but when I get an evening - usually when the kids are in bed, I'm too tired to "work" and Tim is busy fighting aliens on one of his computer games, I'll spend some time surfing, browsing and reading. I'd like to share two links I've read recently.

Probably my favorite blog to check out is Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp. I continually find myself challenged by the thoughts she shares, and I just really appreciate her writing style. In a recent post, she linked to a previous post she had written about laundry - and I found myself crying as I read it. Myself, I love laundry. Everything to do with it. It is my favorite house hold chore, hands down. (But don't get me wrong - there are days when the mountain is so high that it seems a bit discouraging, but in general, it is something I enjoy doing.) Tim jokes that it is acutally a "hobby" of mine. And I smile! But I've not ever spoken with another mother who has this same perspective of laundry - that enjoys laundry so much, for the very same reason that I do, until I read "Clothes of our Lives."

And I just recently started checking out a blog called Keeper at Home. On my birthday she had a guest poster who shared her struggle with a battle I continually fight as I "multi-task" my way through the day, feeling pulled in so many directions: wife tasks, mother jobs, teaching and keeping the school kids' homework & school communication folders verified and signed, taxi/carpool responsiblities, ministry work, school administration, teaching Bible studies, translating and writing radio programs... unfortunately, there are many days when I fall so short of the mark, so I appreciated this post - what I need to remember to help me at least fly in the general direction of the target for which I'm aiming - a crucial reminder that without Him, I can do nothing, but that with Him, nothing that He has called you to do is impossible... Hope you appreciate and are challenged by reading and "Come unto Me," as much as I did/was.

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