24 August 2008

Suave and Debonair

Saturday morning is usually my weekly grocery shopping trip - going out only once a week helps me more easily confrom to our budget constraints and requires that I plan a weekly menu. Yesterday morning was no exception.

There was a little difference this Saturday, however. Jonathan had been invited to a friend's birthday party. Since this particular friend lives just around the corner, transportation while I was gone was not an issue. Since Jonathan was just finishing up breakfast as I was leaving, helping him to dress and taking care of his hair, etc., on the other hand, were issues. I made sure I laid out some clothes for him to wear... If I leave picking out his clothes to him, his big brother or his dad, it is usually some sort of outlandish combination which, on most days, isn't really a big deal. But for a birthday party, is seemed a little more important that his shirt at least matched his shorts. I also showed Tim the gift, tape and let him know that the girls would know where to find wrapping paper.

Tim immediately put Jonathan's sisters to work on him. And did they go to work on that boy! Somehow, I think Rebekah was the one with the following brainstorm... They dressed him, put gel in his hair and combed it just so - which means he had lovely blonde curls because I, much to his father's chagrin, keep his hair a bit longer in back (I LOVE those curls!). They made sure he washed his face and brushed his teeth and wore his church sandals instead of flip flops from the local market. I'm not sure, but I did hear some whispering about using a small splash of Daddy's cologne, too. The final touch? The girls cut some flowers from the garden, tucked one into Jonathan's shirt pocket and then tied together a small bouquet for him to give to the birthday girl. I did mention that the birthday girl at this party is one of the sweetest, cutest little four-year-olds in town, right? Too bad Tim didn't have batteries in the camera to take a picture... IF he would have thought of it! :-)

Something tells me that his big sisters have a plan to turn Jonathan into quite the little gentleman! What do you think? I don't think he has a chance!

I wish I could have seen him when he left the house. When he returned as a clown decorated with face paint, sticky candy covering his face and hands, and cake and cookie crumbs down his shirt pocket, I think some of the inital effect had been lost.


Picture of Fred Astair, my epitome of a "gentleman" from my favorite movies when I was a little girl growing up!

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