02 August 2008

Poor Tim!

Thursday, July 31, was a lovely day. We always look forward to the beginning of August - and this last day of July was just a preview of what we hope will soon be...
  • rains usually begin to increase in frequency (from once every week or 10 days to 2 or 3 times a week) - which means lovely summer weather, similar to what you might experience in the midwest in the States with high temps in the low 90s and sometimes days where it hovers in the low 80s,
  • crops of millet and beans all over the city makes our town look like a veritable garden,
  • the sky is often a bright blue with white, puffy clouds formed from evaporation,
  • lots of birds (finches, parrots and other colorful winged creatures regularly visiting our yard and garden,
  • and the herds of animals wandering around actually look content and well-fed.

This particular day, it had rained the night before, so the day started off lovely and cool. A couple of Brendan's friends came over to play games - good guys who are so kind and very patient with all these girls and the younger ones who like to watch (and interrupt) their games. So everyone was having a delightful time. After lunch, Tim played a quick game of Risk with the boys before heading back to the studio; the girls watched TV for a bit and Richelle put Elsie Mae down for her nap... and about 3, the wind started to pick up, the temperature dropped (all the way down to the low 70s), and a storm blew by bringing sand, a delightful breeze... but very little actual rain. The gang of kids all went running outside and started playing tag and other similar games in the lovely cool and we rather quickly decided to forego the planned trip to the pool and enjoy the time out on the porch/in the yard.

A few minutes later, Tim showed up - home very early from the studio. The power was out (we didn't realize it since we were all outside). He figured since he wasn't really able to accomplish anything at the studio without electricity, he might as well come home and enjoy the afternoon with his kiddos... after all, their summer vacation is rapidly drawing to a close. And, he knew that Bren and his buddies were here... maybe they'd get another game of Risk or something going. However, he came to me after a few minutes, a very sad look on his face. Then he said, "You know, those boys would rather chase our girls around the yard than play a board game with me..."

Should we be surprised? Is this a different type of preview, ...of things to come???


"Clouds over a Millet Field" by Steve Mills

Lord of the Rings Risk photo from funagain.com .

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