14 August 2008


Both of our blogs have received a "new look" today. We want to know what you think. Go ahead... it's easy... please leave us a comment by clicking on the comment link below! Then head on over to our ministry site (the top link in our sidebar, just to the right), so we can hear what you have to say about the new design there, too.

And thanks, in advance. :-)


  1. This is beautiful. I love it!

  2. I agree...it's beautiful! And very easy to read with the light green on black.


  3. Richelle,
    I like it alot. Makes me want to update mine. Beautiful!
    I owe you a long letter.
    School just started this week and I am dragging.

  4. I like it and I would love to hear how you did it. I changed my two but it was incredibly easy with some help from the web...maybe yours was equally easy.

  5. Beth - I found a web site with free backgrounds: TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock.com .
    Pick the backround you like, then they give you the html code to paste into your blog layout. The longest part was just the incredibly slow internet connection I had the day I decided to do this.

  6. Cool...I like it. Thanks for the tip on how to change it as well. :)

  7. It is very attractive except that the blue print on the black is hard to read. Love the pictures! More pictures!


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