24 August 2008

Some More about Life in Niger

A fellow missionary who lives and works here in Niamey recently posted the following on his blog - and I thought I'd link to it, just so you'd know that when we complain about it being hot - we really do have reason! And remember: when we want to relax in air conditioning, we usually head to the "Cold Room," as our gang calls it, because running the AC is sooooo expensive!

On a completely different not, one "thing" we've found difficult to understand as we try to comprehend the culture, perspectives and traditions here is the strong pull of community and village life verses the individualism that is so prized in western cultures. On our ministry site, I've posted some interesting articles, written by Nigeriens, that touch on this topic of why/how it is so hard to be an individual, different from everyone else... or from their perspective, an outsider.

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