19 April 2014

Five Minute Friday ~ Glue

I knew she would be here, but I forgot.


My sis who lives on the West Coast while [for the last 14 years] I've been living in West Africa just happens to be in town and I knew and I got distracted with the busyness of life and this family and I forgot... until I talked to Mom...

Our plans rapidly changed.

We enjoyed a lovely evening and were heading home when on impulse, we decided to load up the van, drive to the "Big House" and hang out with Aunt Julie. It was 10:30... Yes, p.m...

Brendan was flying in on Friday morning - but we could just as easily drive to Detroit from Lansing as drive from Midland. So we did... and we've had a blast.

Talking, laughing, teasing, maybe a little gossiping, eating, enjoying the spring-ier weather, shoe shopping, Easter dinner eating (a little early), pie eating, kitchen cleaning, Qwirkling, Pictureka-ing.

But for my four big girls, the manicuring took the cake. Bright colors, crazy designs... even glue to fasten googly eyes.

Can you figure out each design... and then match each hand to either Rebekah, Nadia, Anna or Tori?

We've got a surprise for whoever comes closest.

Go ahead. Leave your best guess as a comment!

Joining Lisa-Jo for another Five Minute Friday!


  1. Love impromptu plans - though I have to admit I'm rubbish at letting them happen, too much of a control freak. Lovely to meet you and your family via Lisa Jo Baker #FiveMInuteFriday

    1. impromptu are sometimes the best of all! and i've gotten better at them, through the years. blessings!

  2. I love the nails. I don't know your girls, but I have one that loves to do designs on anyones nails including her own. We played a game with a spinner one night and all my nails ended up different colors. The girls thought it was hilarious, especially since I am not gifted to paint without making a mess. Oh well. I love that your girls had fun together.

    1. they did have a blast. sounds like a fun game with your girls as well! we may have to try it some time!

      thanks for popping by!

  3. Loving the fingers!! Cute!!

    1. i thought they were really cute. girls did take the googly eyes off, however, before we served an Easter breakfast... didn't want those eyes to fall off and end up in the food! :-)


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