24 October 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Last summer, when our storage room turned into a birthing center for hedgehogs...

One of several hedgehogs who took up residence last summer.

 the labor and delivery suite (These days it is the manger for Thing 1 and Thing 2... our goats.)

The nursery


  1. Just the other day hedgehogs came up in a conversation at our house -- can't remember the context now, but how interesting to have these little creatures so close to you and as pets for your kids.
    I read through a few of your posts... I enjoy hearing and reading about other parts of the world. What an amazing journey for your family!

    1. God truly has blessed and given us a great gift in this path we're presently walking. We wouldn't trade it for anything... well, except when it is really one of those days! ;-)

      hedgehogs, olive snakes, chameleons, hawks, owls... plus all of the "normal" pets people might have... our children love it.

      hope to see you back here visiting again, sometime. blessings.


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