23 June 2012

Really Old Photos

Over the next few weeks, I'd love to catch up with posting some photos that I've not posted since all of our internet troubles began back in January.

Looking at these photos again today, though, reminds me of how thankful we are for how the Lord did above and beyond what we hoped as He cared for and healed our little guy's eye!

spectators from the neighborhood

the church decorated for the special Christmas Eve service

Rebekah helping to lead her class

making sure little ones STAY in line

Elsie Mae, Jonathan and Mary Michelle performing with their class...

motions included!

Even though the Christmas Eve service is a late night, the kids are all at church bright and early the next morning, and once again are up in front.

Notice which little girl is shoeless... the ladies in church just don't understand why I'd let her go out in public without any shoes on. What they don't realize is just how often I leave the house, almost forgetting my own shoes!

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