18 June 2012

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts - "See ya later..."

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

Others stay awhile,
make footprints on our hearts
and we are never,
 the same."

It's the "See ya later..." season and

it is most definitely NOT my favorite time of the year.

And just like the TCK kids I work with, just like the TCK kids I live with,
I've learned that "See ya later...," doesn't hurt any less but does,
at least sometimes,
help postpone the tears.

Bren's class this past year... at least two will not be returning next year for their senior year. At least one gal who isn't present in the photo will, Lord willing, be here. But this year there are so many "See ya laters" that, at least this side of heaven, seem more or less permanent goodbyes because the chances of our lives crossing paths in the near or distant future seems highly likely.

Brendan and his good friend DJ

Sahel Academy's graduating class, 2012

Joseph - or Uncle Joe as the kids like to call him - he hops a plane tonight

Leandra, our niece who has been here with us all year long, heads back to West Coast Bible in less than a week

Who was that famous guy who claimed that parting was such sweet sorrow?

Right about now, I'd like to slug him! I'd like to say there's nothing sweet about it - but I know that isn't true, since the sorrow seems directly proportional to the sweetness of the relationship.

So (ummmm, clearing my throat, snuffling my noise and blinking back hard those threatening tears) instead of feeling sorry and sad, this list is my choice to be thankful for the delight we've had...

this week's gratitude list
(#s 2223 - 2260)

tearful goodbyes because the laughter before was so exuberant

special dinners for special guys

woodworked gifts of love

little girl squeals as she's thrown high in the air

water balloon fights, even if it means wet clothes in the suitcase

running in the rain at night

wild and ferocious dust storms

watching Dr. Quinn for the umpteenth time and still loving it

knowing that some of these goodbyes are for just a few weeks or months, as friends return to their passport countries for the school break

early morning ames of "Horse-opoly!"

visiting with the bro-in-law

helping to pack bags - even if it means I'm helping them to leave

afternoon hours spent squeezing lemons by hand... together

hugs from kids I've watched grow up

young men and women who care enough and take the time to say thank you

fun photo of Ryan with his Wrightlings (a term he coined for our tribe that loves him and his brother, DJ, to death)

looking forward to one last, big breakfast at Amandine's

waterbeds galore - at least once we get them all set up

reading a book titled "Little Heathens" and laughing because the author heard that term so often as a child she thought is was a single word

busyness to distract from the sadness

beginning home school activities

primary colors everywhere in the girls' bedroom

watching friends who've grown up together play like the tykes they used to be

"walking on water" with the help of floating mats (the littlers were the winners, too!)

pool games at night... so much laughter

wondering when, if, they'll all be together like this ever again

camera wars at horseback riding lessons

hugs and holding loved ones tight

knowing that if there'd been more time, it would've been good time

making the most of opportunities given

nems and rice on a Sunday night, followed by "See ya laters..."

taking time


always room for one more for dinner chez nous

forgetting the memory card for the camera and being forced to take a memographic photo...

healthy littlest one after a big scare last weekend

time and internet to continue once again with Multitude Monday

appearance of the red velvet mites; millet sown all over town

seeing an answer to prayer the very next day


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