22 June 2012

Five Minute Friday - Risk

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I don't remember how many years ago it was that my biggest boy played his first game of Risk... you know... that Hasbro strategy board game where to win, you must conquer the world... you know... that kind of game boys really get into. He might have only been 5 or 6 years old.

Actually though? I didn't know.

I'd probably seen the box before in the board game aisle of the toy stores where my parents would take me growing up. But, I was clueless. I prefered games like Head of the Class, chess and checkers (particularly Chinese checkers), Trivial Pursuit. Even a good game of Connect Four could capture my attention.

Spades and Scrabble were my two favorite. So this game was not only a complete unknown... it was also one that had absolutely so little appeal to me that it had remained a complete unknown for 20 something years of my life.

My husband, on the other hand? Growing up with brothers and a dad who enjoyed strategy games? He knew all about it. Through the years, my big boy, his daddy, his friends, sometimes sisters and lately my little boy - have engaged in too many to count, seemingly unending contests - striving to elimate the competition and conquer the world.

I've always found it interesting that my guys love this game so much, because in real life, I'd be hard pressed to describe any of them as risk-takers. Brendan can attest to the ad-nauseaum number of times I've encouraged him to try something that puts him outside of his comfort zone - I see that he has so much potential in so many areas - and yet he is so seemingly reluctant. Risk, by definition, includes the real possibility that my specific choice will lead to some significant loss or undesirable, unwanted result. As his mama, I want him to strive for something beyond mediocrity... or mundane normalness. I want to see him excel.   And I probably push too hard for him to accept my acceptable perilous outcomes, closing my eyes to all of the very real challenges my becoming young man risks every day.

To think I once thought...

Parenting littlers through learning to love Jesus, scary tropical diseases, long airplane rides, long goodbyes to grandparents and cousins, tumultuous foreign political situations and national, different language schools...

carried more imminent and inherent risk than 

parenting those biggers by coming alongside as we traverse broken hearts, friendship losses and painful goodbyes, peer pressure, final exams, college decisions,  scholarships and financial aid, teachers who don't get MY kid, questions about God and how significant He will be in their  young-but-almost-adult-lives, and all of those other future-impacting choices and life-changing decisions. No, the jeopardies and hazards have only grown.

But so have the possibilities.


  1. Wow ... you packed alot into 5 minutes!

    And yes, those board games sure can mimic life ... may we play the game well!

    1. i tend to think with my fingers, so 5 minute friday is usually 5-7 minutes. today, the writing part was pretty close to 5. adding pictures always takes forever with our internet speed.

      thanks for stopping by and visiting.

  2. Parenting is a risk, no matter which way you slice it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. and thank you for popping in and saying hi!

  3. Parenting is a risk, not matter which way you slice it! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Rats. I was kinda hoping the whole parenting thing would start to get easier... ;-)

    I've never been into the strategy game thing, though I'm always the risk-averse one when it comes to playing poker (and usually lose). Not sure what that says about me...

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. well, at least it doesn't get harder... just feels like there is more at stake sometimes.

      i do tend to be a risk-taker - in games and in life. yet i don't consider myself to be particularly adventurous. course, this is the same boy who likes to swim in the niger river... even when they know crocs and hippos might be around. and that isn't a risk i'd willingly take. so a lot of it is perspective.

  5. I went over my 5-minute time a bit too today. You describe the how the risks change and increase as our children grow well. I love the picture.

    1. thanks for stopping by, Laura. i said to someone above that my fmf tend to be 5-7 minutes - and i give myself some leeway simply because of internet issues here and little ones. :-)

      thanks for kind words and for your visit to our world today!

  6. YES! Such great perspectives!! And yes i can also testify that in the obedience to God's calling there is certainly great loss - but also huge blessings and the blessings ALWAYS outweigh the loss.


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