02 August 2011

Super yummy AND relatively easy... go ahead and give it a try!

I tried this recipe the other day... swirled pumpkin yeast bread...

and it was a hit!

Not only that, it was easy as far as bread recipes go - and easy to adapt when I found that I didn't have all of the ingredients - at least the amounts called for in the recipe.

I've also been soaking grains before I use them, at least most of the time. Sometimes that takes too much forethought and planning (i.e. knowing I want to make pancakes for lunch the next day so mixing up the batter minus the baking soda before I go to bed...), but when I remember, it is super convenient to only have to add the leavening ingredients the next morning and voilà, the dough is in the oven rising... or baking (depending on the recipe).

I'm also finding that my whole wheat recipes are softer and lighter when I soak the grains, a definite taste benefit...

Have any of you tried soaking your grains? What have you noticed?

Photo from Taste of Home.

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  1. sounds yummy! I have made soaked pancakes, but you're right - takes a little pre-planning and I'm not always so good at that. Kinda like remembering to soak beans the night before; I forget about that too!


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