13 August 2011

So different and yet? ...He's not!

While their aunt was here, our kids decided they had to show her one of their favorite movies - I think they like it so much because it certainly provokes much laughter, but also because so much of  "African" realities resonate...

In the plot, a Kalahari bushman stumbles upon the other two main characters...

At first he thinks they are "gods..." because they are so different from anyone, anything he'd ever seen before. Their language is hard to understand and they are behaving in ways that make absolutely no sense to him.

It isn't long, however, before he begins to doubt their deity, and they certainly weren't trustworthy... for all of the very same reasons: they are so different, they don't respond to him in any language he understands and after watching, he can only classify their behavior as bizarre.

As I listened to my gang giggle, a grateful thought crossed my mind ~

My God knew we'd have those exact struggles - the very things which one moment convince us that He is the One and Only Almighty can, in the next, confuse us, tempting us to believe us that He can't be... He can't really be God or if He is, He doesn't care and isn't trustworthy. So He gave us this world - to reveal His awesome amazingness and holiness - how utterly far and beyond and different He is as God; and then He gave us Jesus, like us in all ways - a living, breathing, walking, eating, talking, working, laughing, crying man who understands us, knows us, was tempted as we are yet still chose to obey and thus won our salvation. He gave us His Word and His Spirit, to help us understand just what we need to understand. And in so doing, He has also given us Himself: ~

"Fear not...I am thy shield, and [I am] thy exceeding great reward."

There really is no One else like Him.

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