25 August 2011

Day of Rest

"Rivers know this: there is no hurry.
We shall get there... some day."
~ Winnie the Pooh ~

Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

It is the one consistent day each week that I have made the time to get up early to just sit with the Lord, to slow down and relax, think, leisurely study, lesson plan, menu plan, spend chunks of time in prayer, drink tea (raspberry flavored, of course!) on the terrace, spend time with a friend, be still and know...

I love starting my morning early... watching the sunrise... as the river slips quietly by...

I'm learning as I do nothing but sit, sip, stare, hear the wind and water, listen to the world softly begin to stir,

observe fishermen start their work,

glimpse boatmen ferrying their passengers.

I'm understanding that sometimes the best stewardship of time the Lord has given is quiet stillness given back to Him.

He uses that time to prepare me for the adventures of the coming week... helping me to meet them with anticipation and joy, delighting in watching God's mighty hand work His designs and His plan.

Last-school-year-graduated boys... big boys my crew is missing... boys enjoying the sometimes gentle,
sometimes turbulent but always flowing, going, and eventually getting there Niger River.

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