21 June 2011

Stormy Horizon

We woke up the other morning to the wind slamming a door shut... signaling the arrival of a dust storm. Tim had his wits about him and snapped the following photos...

satellite image of the storm

dust cloud rolling in...

bright orange Niger dust!

storm is finally about even with our terrace... instead of breathing in all the sand, we moved inside

all of the dust in the air makes it quite dark... we've actually seen it get darker than this...

the first wave of dust has passed and the rain is beginning

I remember the first time I saw dust storm depicted in a movie. I thought it couldn't be true...that what was shown in that movie was definitely a "Hollywood"-ized version... until I saw my first. Hollywood didn't do it justice!


  1. wow!! what kind of cleanup is there afterward? huge piles of sand??

  2. it does require sweeping, dusting and mopping the house afterwards - even with the windows shut up tight. lots of tree branches went down with this particular storm. then just yesterday morning, we didn't get the windows shut... lovely mess but the cool breeze was worth it. :-)

  3. What awesome pictures! Pretty sure I woke up, looked out my window, figured the dust was worth how cool it could be to get rained on through the window, and went back to sleep. Kat


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