18 June 2011

No... we really haven't wandered off and gotten lost in the desert...

...we've just been really, really busy.

So, today, I'd like to catch you up on several key events of the past few weeks and then share a few links you might find interesting. I hope to move back into a regular blogging routine over the next few days - we like to keep our friends up-to-date... we like for you to be able to picture our lives here and know best how to pray for us!

So... deep breath... the last two weeks have included:
  • 2 swimming competitions involving over 100 swimmers
  • Final exams
  • Finishing up on-line courses
  • 3 end-of-the-year closing assemblies
  • having an 11th grader, 9th grader, 7th grader, CM2-er, CM1-er, CP-er as well as one about to begin Grande Section and another the Petite section this next year... if you count that all up, they'll ALL be in school next year
  • Parent-teacher conferences (as both parent and teacher)
  • end-of-the-year parties (and the making of treats to go along with those festivities)
  • moving out of our house (and our belongings are now scattered over three houses and one storage container)
  • moving out of my classroom
  • Graduation and the reception afterwards
  • Tim's mad dash to edit the school's drama/musical before students scattered all over the globe
  • planning three "summer school" classes for students trying to earn recovery credits
  • finishing up IEPs and other official documents
  • planning a literacy course (which I'm not sure will take place now)
  • planning a seminar on radio script writing to teach to a local acting group
  • an attempted break-in (we think) the first night we left the old house
  • the beginnings of raining season (which is delightful in every way - unless you are behind on laundry)
  • a few illnesses scattered here and there
  • preparing for the arrival of one of our sending church pastors, as well as my sister and niece (who will be staying with us for the year)
  • making decisions about our house in progress
  • trying to find time to spend with friends-more-like-family who are leaving permanently as well as show Niger field to some folks out on a survey trip
... I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, too. So, although we've been silent, there's been lots going on. Thanks for  your patience as we essentially disappeared from cyberspace the past many days.

And now... a few links you might find interesting:

1.   "Doomed Desert Nomads"

Photo from BBC article linked to above.

2.   "In Pictures: The Trials of the Tuareg"

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