27 June 2011

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts: "In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn..."

The kids were watching a movie with a dear and special friend of ours who has now left Niger, at least for the immediate foreseeable future. Although we are excited for all that God has for her, we are sad because we will miss her very much.  Several of the littlers were piled on her lap on the living room tile while I was working around in the kitchen, and the phrase blared from the TV: "In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn." I was struck by the truth of that statement. The second half seems a foregone conclusion... in teaching school, my kids, my colleagues, ladies at church, it is easy to see how the act of prepareing to teach as well as teaching itself requires that the teacher learn. But while wiping the remains of spilled chicken and dumplings off the dining room table, the very real truth of the first half of that phrase rang true in my heart... in learning we will teach!

One of the things I find most attractive in another person is a gentle, teachable spirit. I try to surround myself with the influence of people who "wear" that attitude. I so long and pray for God to develop the same in my heart and life.

Undoubtedly, those who guard carefully a teachable heart, working to maintain continually this posture regardless of the circumstances, joys, challenges and unexpected turns of each day find themselves learning. They have placed themselves in a position to be mentored by God Himself, as He guides throughout the day. One who chooses to live this way will stand out and the difference will be noticed by others. Watchers will see a magnetic, unmistakeable, undeniable distinction: the Presence of a living, active, loving God teaching a willing disciple, directing the steps of one who wants to follow. 

A friend of ours recently shared:

"...telling people about Christ is only a part of sharing Christ.  Living for Christ has to come first....  Before a person will listen to what we say about knowing Christ, they want to see exactly what knowing Christ looks like in our lives.  Though my [different language] vocabulary is incomplete, the Gospel must still go forth.  I have but one option: to show [others] who Christ is by the way I live.

The ability to lead others to Christ does not come through special training and is not something that is reserved only for the most talented soul-winners.  A [teachable] heart that loves Jesus cannot be concealed.  Jesus said in Matthew 5:16-'
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.'

If you want to bring your friends to Christ, love Christ in front of them.  Your lifestyle will confirm your verbal witness. They will see the change that He has made in your life and will be drawn to Him because of it."

Forever thankful for a patient and gentle Prof... for the examples of amazing learners all about me... and praying that my Teacher grows me into one who teaches because I "learn of"  and live for Him...

this week's gratitude list ~ please forgive my recent absence... life has been busy and I've been busy learning...
(#s 1224 - 1255)

the Almighty Teacher

influential learners

the opportunity and privilege it has been to work with her this past year; she's taught me as she has learned!

never being able to think about recycling in the same way again

high fevers that are nothing more than high fevers

cool rains

breezes blowing off the river

listening to the frogs and crickets at night

almost finished moving - hopefully for the last time for awhile

completed roof

new friends

teaching literacy

practicing my zarma

three ladies who are not longer just sisters because they love Jesus, but who are becoming friends (despite the language challenges) and who are most definitely learners teaching me

talking, for just a few moments, to a friend in the hospital back home

standing firm when discouragement attacks

viruses that force much needed rest

listening to his speech - so improved - as he reads... and reads... and reads... and begs to read more

books piled high for me to read this summer

wonderful neighbors

shared milkshakes by the side of the pool

high school graduations and diplomas

seeing the itinerary for my niece and sister arrive via email... we're countint the days

my gentle, sweet spirited, teachable oldest child

relearning details from high school biology... so I can teach it

computer programs that providing algebra practice

beautiful handwriting

kids motivated to work on their French studies

coooool showers for feverish babies

hanging laundry outside on the line... and the lovely fresh smell that results

Disney movies through which my Teacher can speak


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  1. What a lovely list! Enjoy your visit with your sister & niece! Thanks for taking the time to share.


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