04 June 2011

Small but mighty... she's a competitor...

...and it was my revelation of the day!

It totally caught me off guard.

...I guess I just didn't expect

such a fierce side

to our sweet little Elsie Mae...

She certainly doesn't look fierce, does she?

Yesterday was full of swimming races and competitions for the students of Sahel Academy... and Elsie Mae tagged along. It didn't faze her in the least that she was swimming against 3-6th graders... she was tickled pink just to be at the pool and a part of all the excitement.

She cracked me up as she swam her races... each time she'd touch the wall, she'd hardly take a breath before asking:
 "Did I WIN! Mama?"
This is the race where she did... and don't forget to notice that smile on her face in the very last photo!

...and they're off! GO ELSIE MAE!!!

Nadia cheering for her lil' sis!

She was the 1st to touch the wall!

See that super big grin of delight?
(Lucky me! I got the happy hug, too!)

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