16 December 2010

Eight TIMES Tremendously Terrific Two

(Ignore the fact there is only one candle... bad planning on her  mama's part... she really IS two!)
She's our eighth two-year-old... and I'm still at a loss as to why people call them the terrible twos. We've yet to have one (of course, she has only been two for about 2 weeks, so I guess there's still time *grin*), so I prefer THE TREMENDOUSLY TERRIFIC TWOS!

What do I love so much about this age? Probably all the same stuff that leads so many to call them terrible!  Previously compliant, happy-go-lucky babies we tote along where ever and whenever, who mostly, obediently and cheerfully go along with everything and anything Dad and Mom say, who love snuggles and cuddles, and who are mostly happy unless they are hurt, scared, tired or not feeling well... all of the sudden begin this transition from baby to child. Learning that they are independent little people who can know and decide what they want, realizing that their words and actions impact and influence the behavior of those around them, their blossoming independence begins to put them at odds with the big people in their lives.

I love seeing this independence and autonomy flower in their lives. I love those vivid glimpses of their personality that give a peak into the future and the adult he or she might become.  I love the challenge of getting them to willingly obey and do what needs to be done by giving structured choices. I love taking advantage of their desire to be "big" and teaching responsibility and helpfulness. I love shepherding as they gain confidence that their opinions and ideas are valid and valuable while teaching and showing them the correct way to express what they are thinking. I love the explosion of vocabulary and their ability to actually put into words what I've only been hypothesizing before. I love the transparency and spontaneity of their emotions and the journey of helping them to discover what those feelings mean, why they are feeling that way and the right way to share all those passionate sensations going on inside with the people around them.

I think, though, what I love most of all is how God shows me myself reflected in my two year olds, working on things He wants to change in my life, the many ways I still respond selfishly and how He always responds with love and grace... and then gives me the opportunity to respond with love and grace to the beautiful little people He has placed in my life.

Once again... I'm delighting in a two year old chez nous... Enjoy these images from her very low key, but delightful, birthday celebration. She's our little sweetie!

I hope you love being two, little girl... as much as I'll treasure each moment of this third year of your life!

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