17 December 2010

Check this out!

I was so encouraged and challenged as I read this reflection on I Samuel 12 the other day. It is definitely worth the time to click on over and read. But just in case you aren't yet convinced, let me start you off with this little teaser...
"...I was overwhelmed with the sweet forgiveness offered in these verses. The grace extended. The reminder of the true Father’s heart that took pleasure in calling them his own. The awareness of second…third…fourth…seventy times seven chances to pick back up. I took the warning to stay away from useless idols. I asked God to show me the “kings” in my life I had been allowed to have because I kept insisting on having them and I turned them back over to Him. I also came away gleaning some of the amazing leadership qualities that Samuel possessed: persistence, unconditional love, his view of how important prayer is on behalf of those he was leading, his compassion, his confidence and his admonition wrapped in love and grace."
by Melody @ Life is a Bowl of Wedgies

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