12 March 2010

Our God is AMAZING...

...He works in mysterious ways that are so often so hard for me to understand... but I wouldn't even WANT to imagine following someone else.

Last night, I had the opportunity to share with a small group of ladies a little bit about our lives in Niger... I was so blessed by their interest... I am so blessed that God has allowed us the privilege so serve there, to raise our family there... and we truly can't wait to get back home...

A few memories...

~Elsie Mae helping Safana peel potatoes~

~Nadia and two of her three best friends: Anna and Zeinabou~

~Musician recording Scripture songs at the studio~

~A precious fellow missionary kid... her big sister and family needs lots of prayer right now (see below)~

~A photo from church, a delightful sister in Christ, a truly special grandma who literally does all she can for her little orphaned granddaughter - she's loved much by both her grandchild, Elsie Mae and Elsie Mae's mama!~

~Street food prepared by our neighbor, a dear friend with whom we hope to someday have the language skills and opportunity to share God's Gospel message. God allowed our family to minister to her and her family when their little girl was deathly ill... and now we have the privilege of rejoicing with her every step that little one takes!~

...and a few links from some of our friends in Niger, both walking through incredible circumstances clinging to our amazing God. Please take the time to check them out (I'm sure you'll be challenged and encouraged) and immediately take a moment to pray specifically for them...

Makalondi with Joy: "Blessing Others"

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