15 March 2010

Brendan's FOURTEEN!

Actually, he's been 14 for several months now. I'm just way behind in posting photos. But I'm trying to catch up... one of these days! (Thanks, Gammie, for the birthday cake... it was waiting for us on a Sunday afternoon after we drove home from a meeting with one of our supporting churches.)

Fwiw, Brendan had his Star Wars Lego gift from Gampy and Gammie finished before he went to bed that night... and I think the book might have been read before the end of the week. He's obviously into devouring things. Maybe that's why he keeps growing so fast!

We so thankful for the privilege of training up this particular young man!

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  1. so funny to see you all in turtle necks and sweaters and socks! only nadia in her short sleeves looked "normal"! :)


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