30 June 2009


Downloading my camera is always discovery time, since a few "unnamed" children are known to abscond with said apparatus and take many photos of which I am unaware. Maybe that is slack parenting... not being sufficiently aware of what my kiddos are up to, but then again, I try not to micromanage the oldest two in their daily tasks and responsibilities.

So, I downloaded the camera the other night... 468 photos and videos... Maybe that doesn't seem like a huge number to some of you (right, Gampie?), but I don't know that I've ever had that many photos stored on my camera ~ it is still a relatively new-to-me device and I'm enjoying learning how to use it.

After I downloaded those 468 photos, I scanned through the pics, and several surprised me...

Like this one. Our little peanut is growing and changing fast, but I really didn't think Mary Michelle was old enough to start in on the self portraiture... yet...

However, after discovering these two photos, I was beginning to wonder???

Until a few photos later, the mystery was solved. And I really should have known, since Rebekah is the most likely culprit when my camera goes mysteriously missing.

Sisters! Aren't they sweet?

This last photo is my favorite... I love how the flash so perfectly caught their eyes... no wonder one of our friends only ever calls Rebekah "Blue eyes."

...makes me think of the old Elton John song from high school days (I think??)...

Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a deep blue sea
On a blue blue day

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