03 June 2009

Meltdowns for Ice Cubes

It has been a long couple of days - with lots to do as well as lots that should have gotten done but didn't...

And on top of that, Elsie Mae is sick with what we believe is her 2nd kidney infection in as many months.

Some kids are easy patients. They just lay around in their misery with little complaining. Elsie is NOT one of those.

Fortunately, she does pinpoint the cause of all her misery and actually is using words to communicate this information.

Unfortunately, what she has pinpointed is nothing more than a visible "scapegoat" for what is really wrong. This time, she is continually asking for ice to rub on a miniscully tiny scab from a week old ant bite that she scratched and scratched. When her temperature begins to rise (every 3 hours), she cries and whines pitifully... i.e. has a "meltdown..." until someone brings her the demanded ice cube. Did I mention that she is truly pitiful, too?

Usually, the ability to tell me what is wrong and what is hurting brings with it a sigh of relief.

I'm not so sure this time around.

Would you please pray for our little one... that the infection is completely resolved, that we keep her fever under control (it really is miserable to be running a temp when it is as hot as it has been recently) and that her doctors are wise in treating her? Please also pray for her mama... that I remain patient, gentle, loving and kind with her even as she is incredibly irritable and while i must continue packing and preparing to leave?

And, just so you know, it has been hot enough lately that you can't even completely dry off after a shower because the sweat begins. dripping. immediately. UGH!


  1. oh, Richelle, it sounds TOUGH!! So sorry you are going through this. Prayers for you guys from Quebec!! xx

  2. I am in agreement in the Name above all Names, Jesus Christ that little Elsie Mae is healed and by the power of the Holy Spirit you have perfect peace because your mond is stayed on Him! And a little longer rope of patience as well. Wish I was there to help!


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