31 January 2008

Pictures from Jonathan's Birthday

They don't come any cuter or sweeter than our little Jon-boy!

These photos are just a bit late getting on to our blog site - we switched computers while Stateside and only got halfway switched before returning home to Niger - and since we can't get our new laptop to talk with the internet system here, we are still doing all our internet/email on the old computer. Only problem is that everything is scattered over both computers, our desk top and our external hard drive... and what does that have to do with Jonathan's birthday?
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! But it is my excuse for the long delay in posting these pictures!

Jonathan turned 3 on Dec. 17th, 2007. That is also our anniversary, by the way. This boy has impeccable timing, deciding to arrive early in the evening on our 10th anniversary. I was probably the first mom ever actually wanting labor to last a few hours longer because I selfishly didn't want to share my anniversary...

Babies have minds of their own, however - and I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary gift that year! He never fails to make us smile!

As you can see, he enjoyed celebrating with many of his cousins and both sets of grandparents as well as some aunts and uncles!

He definitely has figured out the "unwrapping" part of birthdays!

Like most little boys, he loves cars - "Lightning McQueen" in particular. So that was the theme for his birthday cake. (And yes, I know that he is not 8 - but I did make his cake a figure 8 race track...!)

The Lightening McQueen race car didn't stay on his cake for long at all!

I think he had a blast!

If you are interested, by the way, we found out that black icing (supposed to look like asphalt) turns purple after it sits for a bit.

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