12 January 2008

Look What We Found at Gammie and Gampy's House!

Mama and Daddy celebrated their anniversary while we were in the States on vacation. They've been married for 13 years. On their anniversary, they found their wedding pictures and we found their wedding video! We had fun watching it! Mama looked so young and beautiful and Daddy was soooo young, handsome and he didn't have any beard or mustache.

Imagine that!

Rebekah Joy: Wow! I know most of the people standing on the platform!

Nadia: Mr. Reece was the pastor. He was Daddy's principal a long time ago and was also our principal when we were at Calvary Baptist Academy.

Anna: I like how the church is decorated in red. Red is my favorite color.

Rebekah Joy: I really like Mama's dress.

Nadia: Is it time for them to kiss yet?

Anna: Look at all the bright candles shining!

Rebekah Joy: I can't believe Mama's blonde hair.

Nadia: When Daddy kissed Mama, you can hear this little girl yell "Yuck!" I started laughing when we were watching their movie.

Anna: Finally they are kissing, Nadia!

Rebekah Joy: I think Daddy looks nervous. Daddy says he was.

Nadia: Gammie says that our Aunt Julie sewed all the beads on Mama's dress.

Anna: Daddy usually never smiles for pictures. He must be happy.

Rebekah Joy: This was our old Calvary Baptist Church, before the church moved to where it is now.

Nadia: I really like the pretty flowers.

Anna: I like Mama's long pretty dress. I'd like a red one just like it!

Rebekah Joy: I see my cousins, Kiersten and Leandra.

Nadia: There were lots of people in Mama and Daddy's wedding.

Anna: Mama's favorite color is green. I think that is why all the ladies are wearing green dresses.

Rebekah Joy: I really like Mama's tiara.

Nadia: Leandra looks so cute in that picture. She was just a little bit older than Elsie Mae is right now.

Anna: And Kiersten was only 3 - that's like Jon-boy's age! I think this picture is so cute!

Rebekah Joy: What gentlemen!

Nadia: That's my cousin Nathan standing in front of Daddy!

Anna: Can you see the cross ornament on the Christmas tree?


Nadia: Look at the little Christmas tree in front of the cake. We still use that star ornament on our Christmas tree back in Africa.

Anna: That looks like Mama and Daddy standing behind the cake and also standing on the cake.

This blog entry was brought to you by Rebekah Joy, Nadia and Anna (though Mama helped them type it!)

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  1. Wow! I loved looking through your wedding pictures! I remember when you used to babysit us crazy Everson kids. Fun times! :)


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