18 December 2007


Anna's birthday was actually December 5th, so we are more than a little late getting these pictures posted, but we have been more than a little busy enjoying Christmas time in the States.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese to eat pizza, play games and celebrate.

Cousin Kiara...

Elsie and Cousin Christina...

Elsie meets Chuck E. Cheese -

So does Anna, but she's a bit more shy.
No surprise there!

Let the gift opening begin!

Any guesses what kind of birthday cake Anna asked for?








Why, wild horses, of course!

We've recently been discussing the fact that 7 years ago, while Richelle was in labor with Anna, her heartbeat over the monitor sounded like a horse galloping. Even the nurses remarked on that and tried to convince us that meant she'd be a boy.

Think THAT is a coincidence?

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