02 February 2008

Bathtub Fun :-)

The night of Jonathan's birthday party, Tori decided to get sick. Whenever I feel icky, my first remedy to try is a hot shower (maybe I'd try a hot soak if we had a tub - but when in Niger, we don't). In fact, as far as I'm concerned, a nice, long hot shower cures most ills. Our children have learned this strategy well, so the first thing Victoria requested was if she could have a hot bath. Of course, I agreed.

We drew the bath water, Jonathan decided to hop in, too, and one of the kids' older cousins, Leandra (or Andi, as we all like to call her) was keeping an eye on them for us. Tori kept begging Andi to join them in the tub. And she was pretty persistant about it (Looking at her picture, I'm sure you can tell just how sick she looks... SMILE!). I finally tried to explain to Victoria that Andi couldn't get in the tub because she'd get her clothes all wet...

...when much to my surprise, Andi glanced back over her shoulder with a mischevious grin, stood up and climbed right into the tub, clothes and all.

Victoria was delighted---

---as was Jonathan!

Personally, I think Andi was quite pleased with herself too!

It is fun to watch our nieces and nephews grow up (even from afar), especially when we see what neat young people they are becoming.

Thanks, Andi, for taking what could have been a yucky night for Tori and turning it into a special and fun one.

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