03 August 2007

Look Who's Sportin' New Earrings!

We finally took the BIG step and took Elsie Mae in to have her ears pierced - the only difference between having it done here and in the States (for us, at least) was that the doctor actually did the piercing right in her clinic. Elsie did really well and likes to look at those sparkly things in the mirror. And now our African friends won't have to ask if she is a boy or a girl: they only look to see if the ears are pierced or not.

Here's a close up of Rebekah Joy's double piercing!

Rebekah Joy has been asking us for several months if she could get a second earring ... she wanted to be just like Aunt Anora and Miss Mary - two people she likes, looks up to and wants to be like. We, her parents, heartily approve of her choices! She also thought it was pretty and would make her look more grown up, and, after all, she is the biggest girl of the family! Well, we couldn't fault her reasoning, so we agreed - and we think she looks just beautiful. Now she's asking when she can start wearing make up... I'm wondering what sort of monster we've now created!.... Guess only time will tell, LOL!


  1. Ah, that's sweet. Don't worry about the make up. My girls dabble with it, but only the 16-yo will ever take the time to actually wear it, and only on rare special occasions.

    My girls all had their ears pierced as babies like all the girls in Mexico. I think it's cute.

  2. Well, since I hardly wear make up, I'm not sure where she's gotten this idea... and then those rare occasions I do wear it, she tells me she prefers me without it.

    Do you ever figure your kids out?


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