16 August 2007

"Mama! Mama! ..."

"... Miss Ruth is BACK!"

Boy, were they excited when they saw Ruth walk into our courtyard the other day! Since she left for her vacation, we've been so busy that the girls haven't had much opportunity to ride King and they've missed it. Then, he was injured when a gust of wind caught one of the metal gates and blew it into him, gashing his side and leg pretty deeply as well as banging and skinning up his knee.

Fortunately, King had healed up and we were about to start riding him when Ruth returned. The girls had a ball this past Saturday morning when she came over, they saddled him up and everyone had a turn for a ride.

We are so thankful for Ruth, for all her help with King, and for being the kind of young lady our girls can look up to!

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