05 December 2014

Five Minute Friday ~ She's FOURTEEN, she's DAUNTLESS, & she's a DEAR!

2014 had been a big year for our Anna-lu!

She's started wearing glasses... at least SOME of the time!

We saw her creative side really emerge - particularly during Calvary's Spirit week!
(She won with this last costume... and made most of it all by herself with stuff she found around the house...and yard!) 

First day of high school... "Hello NINTH grade!"

Sunset on the tip of the Leelanau Penninsula

Hartwick Pines, and the whole gang was there!

ALS Bucket Challenge

"Yes, my crazy sister kisses parrots!"

Watching the waves

Her volleyball team

They've been buddies since 4th grade year furlough - and both girls push Anna to grow and try new things. We are so thankful for them.

A volleyball champtionship

Walking a wintery beach

But this was my favorite photo - flung - by a backhoe - into a pond!

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