02 December 2014

when you turn SIX and you just love the Christmas season...

...and you ask for ice skates for your birthday, your birthday present isn't exactly a surprise since your parents are sure that your feet are needed to assure that said ice skates will fit.

We found out feet weren't needed, however - because they make adjustable kids' ice skates these days. How's that for neat?!!

So, as Mary and I were walking the length of the mall last night to get to Dunham's to purchase her skates, she's skipping along, grinning from ear to ear and singing along with the Christmas carols playing through the mall's sound system. She was so obviously delighted that her antics elicited smiles from most passerby's - even a group of teen guys in saggy pants, sunglasses and trench coats (otherwise, they might have made me a little nervous)!

I asked her if she was happy to be going to get her skates ~

"Yup! I'm happy about that Mama! But I'm really happy because I LOVE walking in the mall at Christmas time!" she answered.


"Because everyone keeps singing my name!"

I must have looked a little confused, so she joins in with the song playing throughout the mall:

"Have yourself a 'Mary' little Christmas!"

Hope you enjoy some of these fun pictures from our pipsqueak's past year!
"Let it snow!"
a cold beach in Georgia
funny mirrors
"Swing me higher!"
silly faces, silly poses
hanging with big bro, hunting tadpoles and garter snakes
the fam
Hartwick Pines
First day of first grade
more silliness
African cowgirl!
little legs biking Mackinac Island
learning about pottery
SHE chose the Christmas tree

"See my new ice skates!!!"


  1. Delighted to meet your family through pictures, Richelle! My girls love ice skating, too. Our lake ice is rather bumpy so far this year, so they may have to go to one of the parks for some nice ice to spin around on.

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Beautiful pictures of your family! Glad to meet you via #fmfsnailmail. I have six and eight-year-old girls, too, and we have tried ice skating once. We're going to try again. :)


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