26 September 2014

Five Minute Friday ~ Because ~

 Because ~
  • It has been two such crazy, busy weeks...
  • I'm working on taking care of some physical things that have been put off for such a long time...
  • I've got four girls in high school and high school schedules are insanely crazy and...
  • We, as a family let it get that way (the insanely crazy bit)...
  • I'm teaching something I've never taught this way before in a new school and the learning curve is more like a vertical straight up...
  • Friends need me to prioritize praying for their very real and very big needs...
  • Temperamental internet frustrates, even in America...
  • I like to snuggle my littles who still like to be snuggled...
  • There's a bug collection due in just a week or so...
  • Fall's happening right now, I love this time of year, I've missed so many Falls while overseas, and it has been gorgeous outside on so many recent days so I'm soaking in God's marvelous creation in this season...
  • Of what's happening right in front of me as these kiddos play, need help with homework, learn responsibility around the house, have birthday parties, forget their instruments or their lunch, need my computer to do their French...
  • The food doesn't cook itself, neither have I yet trained the dishes to take care of the kitchen...
  • I don't get paid to do this...

It's been a week since I last looked at this blog.

I've missed it, because writing is a big part of how I process life. 
But sometimes? 

Life just gets in the way and that's okay

...just because.

And now, a post script in which I take off on a total rabbit trail...

Anyone else remember when parents said "...just because," being completely frustrated, and then swearing you'd never do the same to your kids?

How many understand better now the beauty of 
...just because?

Linking up with Kate for Five Minute Friday.


  1. Love your post and your thoughts. So glad to "meet"you here!

    1. thanks for popping by. very happy to "make your acquaintance" as well! :-)

  2. Beautifully done. Yes. . . so now understand the beauty of "just because."

    1. Thanks... and yes, sometimes "just because" is what works best.

  3. I love this post and I love the photos that you chose to post with it!
    I get it.

    1. Just love finding out I'm not the only one who "gets it!" These photos are some of my faves as well.

  4. I DO know what you mean about the line "just because" as you know. :) Great minds and all that. Hey, if you ever figure out how to get those dishes to take care of your kitchen, let me know!

    1. Oh yeah... IF I'd ever figure that out, I'd market it, make a fortune and be able to do all I wish I could do as far as my kids and give/support some of those amazing ministries taking place all over this world! :-)

      Thanks for popping by this evening.

  5. Isn't this wonderful?! I love your post. Loved the style. Loved the photos...wishing I was on that swing and that shore! And I just said a prayer for you with 4 in high school. I have one and I am exhausted by it all. The work load, the activities, the fundraisers, the games, the shirts, the themes....yikes...times FOUR! You 100% deserve dishes that do themselves!!!


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