12 September 2014

Five Minute Friday ~ Ready ~

"On your mark... 

     Get set... 


Sometimes, some days, (okay - if I'm honest, most days) parenting feels like a race... and I'm always a few steps behind!

Chasing them out of bed in the morning... chasing them to the breakfast table... chasing them out of the little parent bathroom upstairs to the nice, big kid bathroom downstairs... chasing them out of my bedroom so I can use the mirror to fix my hair... chasing them out the door to school and then later out the door to home... chasing them back up the stairs to pick up their backpacks and school paraphernalia...

Always racing, always chasing...

Today, I want to stop, though... freeze this moment in time... for just a moments... 

to soak it in deep before time continues racing along and they all continue growing up. Not that I want them to stop growing up... I really wouldn't want it any other way, actually. Does that make me a strange mama? I love watching them living life, partnering with their daddy as we disciple this gang just thrills and delights - at least most days. Seeing Jesus grow them in grace and in the knowledge of Him? That just bowls my heart right over.

She's eight.


And boy, oh boy! Is she ever ready to...


 Yes, for my Elsie Mae, this eighth birthday is a momentous one.

Just because of that!


She's ready, alright.

I really did allow her to go traipsing around Niagra Falls dressed in a sundress and snowboots.

Happy birthday, sweetest birthday girl!


  1. This is such a lovely post. I feel the same way. All. the. time. Like I'm constantly chasing them and trying to play catch up. Thank you for this reminder to take the time to let it all soak in and enjoy. They grow up so fast. I want to savor it. -Abby (visiting from FMF)

    1. there's so much to savor! may the Lord grant you wisdom as you seek to do so!

      i've also got this theory that always chasing this gang might just keep me young at heart a little bit longer!

  2. Life does feel like a chase, that some days I feel ready for and other days I am so far behind.

    1. really does just depend on the day, doesn't it?

  3. I love the sundress and snow boots. See? She's ready for anything!

    1. i can remember a day when i would have NEVER allowed one of my kiddos to run around in her get up. hopefully i've changed because i realize that's not the most important, not just because i've gotten tired and lazier! ;-) thanks for popping by, susan!

  4. Hi Richelle! I think you guys are still on home assignment. I've lost touch with some of the M. Moms, but was happy to see your visit to my blog. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. (I'd be ready to get out of that booster too.)

    And yes, let's slow down to enjoy the moments.

    1. hey there betsy. thanks for the return visit. yes... we're still stateside as we needed more time to redirect since we aren't returning to w. africa, at least for this season. hope to be heading out to our new field next june, after #2 child graduates from high school. still pinching myself to make sure it's for real!!!

  5. What a sweet family and a sweet tribute to your beautiful daughter's special day :). I had my hands full with two little ones and I've discovered that even when they're in their twenties, they generally need you most right when you sit down on the toilet or close the bathroom door to snag a shower....

    1. ha ha!!!! yes... my mother often says something similar. thanks for popping by and saying hi!


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