19 July 2014

Five Minute Friday ~ Bloom

Wednesday is Farmer's Market day in our town.
This week, on an impulse, I asked if any of the kids wanted to go with me.

I was surprised when the two littlest ones squealed, "Yes!"

It was a cold Wednesday, too.

We had to park in the farthest parking lot, and both girls were shivering by the time we'd reached the market.

But they were troopers! 
Both tried quince jelly... and liked it!
 Then they helped carry
fresh and farm-grown cauliflower, kale, leaf lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries,
the quince jelly we bought, maple sugar candies...

...and sweetly asked if we could take some flowers home.

Softy that I am, I said sure.

Elsie Mae picked the enormous and bright yellow sunflowers - and was delighted to find that the lady selling them was a friend from church (she was very generous, too!)

Mary Michelle preferred the mix of colors and something bit smaller, more delicate and a lot less heavy!

Aren't they beautiful?

Flowers and "mes filles?"

No... we didn't NEED flowers.

But these blooms, this week, 
have blessed our family with fragrance, color and many smiles!

I'm a day late this weekend... but it's not to late to write your own 5mf inspired by the word "bloom" and then to link up with Lisa-Jo. Make sure to let me know if you do!


  1. What gorgeous flowers. The Farmers Market is a great place to buy them. Stopping over from the Five Minute Friday!

  2. Richelle,
    Oh those are gorgeous flowers and the smile on your girls' faces are pure delight :) so happy you were able to enjoy them as a family :)


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