12 June 2014

Recently read a bible study on Hebrews, called Enduring Faith ~

This is one I've been waiting to read for a long time.

The author is a long time friend - in fact she's been like a big sister to me ever since my college years at Penn State.

I can't remember the first time exactly we spoke or corresponded about the idea of writing a Bible study on the book of Hebrews, but I've known she wanted to write this and that she has been working on it amid the busyness of life, for quite a time.

Thus, as soon as I saw Nivine's request for proofreaders, I signed up.

This Bible study, Enduring Faith, doesn't disappoint.

Based on my memory of our conversations, she was frustrated with Bible studies that never provoked readers to genuinely, deeply interact with the Biblical text. Therefore, her goal was to write a study 

  • that challenged and helped readers dig into the "meat" of Scripture - consistently - yet do so without becoming burdensome;
  • that encouraged thinking through challenging and sometimes confrontational questions;
  • that required prayerful consideration of God's Word... its relevance not just today but for each day to come; and
  • that promoted meaningful and real application of those relevant truths in lives.
It doesn't surprise me that Nivine would write such a study. I've seen her live this. 

She saw a younger sister struggling very unsuccessfully to live as a Jesus follower in the secular paganism and party-ism of a university environment. She gently but unabashedly confronted the hypocrisy between that girl's life and words, challenged her with God's Word to walk differently... and then faithfully and graciously encouraged her to begin again... resubmitting my life to God. And yeah, in case you hadn't figured it out, I was that girl. The Lord used her in the past to remind me that "...even if *our* faith fails, He remains true--He cannot prove false to Himself." (2 Timothy 2.13, WNT)

Today, her book, Enduring Faith, is released. And just as she succeeded in challenging me and helping me to change years ago, I think she has succeeded in achieving all of the above with this study.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this study was a continual focus on the fact that regardless of what this world throws at me, when I see Jesus for Who He is and all of the amazing, miraculous that He accomplished, I can trust Him. Seeing Him, keeping my eyes on Him and all that means empowers a faith that endures.

I'm not one of those folks who reads and rereads books - except for a select few. This book has qualified for that exclusive group: I'm already looking forward to diving back into this study and digging deep later this summer. 

Look carefully ~ Nivine was a part of our wedding party.
So thankful for her friendship then - even more so now!
Disclaimer - Nivine has asked for people to review her book. That is not, however, why I'm writing... I've been hoping to write this post for a few years now... and I had already written this up, prior to receiving her request. I did receive a copy of the book to proof read.

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