14 June 2014

"God has given each one of us a little chunk of eternity called time."

I find that quote to be a powerful one - a reminder that life, each moment, is a gift from God. Some are gifted larger chunks of eternity; others aren't so large. But each one is responsible to steward whatever size chunk he or she has been given. To steward well, one must be focused... intentional... and not distracted by things that can easily render useless... things like refusing to forgive and hanging on to bitterness.

Easter break was over and I was driving my oldest to the Detroit airport to catch his flight back to Harrisburg PA and Messiah College, where he had three-ish weeks of school and finals left before coming home (Yes!!! That thought still makes my heart glad even though it is now a done deal!). After leaving him at the airport and starting the drive home, I was looking for any distraction on the radio so that the tears wouldn't start. (I usually manage to hold it together until after he's out of sight and I have to start the leaving to go back to the rest of my Wrightlings.) So I started listening to an interview with a woman named Kathy Sanders... and then when I got home, I ordered her book.

Here story is a compelling one. On April 19th, the Murrah Federal Building was bombed. She was at work about a block away and immediately ran to the scene because her two grandsons were in the daycare facility housed in that building. Joined by her daughter (the boys' mother), they searched for the two toddlers - to eventually discover that both had been killed as a result of the blast.

Now You See Me is Kathy Sanders' story. This event totally and completely devastated her and her family; this book details her journey to a point of healing - acceptance, finally being able to continue on and celebrate her present gift of life as well as the brief moments she had with her grandsons. This book tells how God empowered her, by His grace, to forgive the unforgivable. As she went to great lengths to try and understand why this crime was committed, she chose to rub shoulders with those responsible for this crime - and in doing so, God truly opened her heart to see them as real people with real stories now living horrific consequences. Perhaps most astonishing was how she befriended Terry Nichols' family... and eventually Terry Nichols himself.

She never learned exactly what she wanted to learn - and is convinced that there has been a cover-up by the government; she no longer, however, lives under the shadow of a desperate need for answers, choosing to trust God and to love others, even those most would consider enemies.

While, at times, the tone of the book becomes overbearing and redundant - the powerful grace of God working in and through this woman is continuously present - convicting and challenging, exhorting as well as encouraging readers to thoroughly examine their lives to determine if there are any seeds of anger, bitterness, jealousy... that need to be brought before the throne of God.

And so I do recommend this book.

Leave me a comment - if you are interested in receiving my copy. I'd be delighted to pass it along! 

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