06 June 2014

Five Minute Friday ~ Hands

When I first saw the topic for this FMF, I never, in a million years, dreamed I'd be writing this...

But?... It looks like we're becoming parents, again... 

...to quintuplet of wild turkeys.

There's clearly a back story to this.

A few weeks back, the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, Tim came walking into the house asking me how we could rig a makeshift incubator. I'm not sure why he thought that might be one of my areas of expertise... I'm not sure I want to know, but that's beside the point.

Earlier that week, one of our kiddos had discovered a mama wild turkey building a nest just back into the treeline behind our house, and since Tim was scheming wild turkey hunts for the Michigan season, all of the bigger girlies were keeping an eye on the nest. I'm wondering if they didn't quite trust their daddy - he was pretty excited about the idea of turkey hunting for the first time in his life.

Then he showed up that Saturday morning, cradling gingerly in his T-shirt a small clutch of five remaining turkey eggs. When he'd checked on the nest that morning, he found a "crime" scene. Feathers scattered everywhere, a few eggs broken and trampled. Only the five he held in his shirt remained. We have a sneaking suspicion that the neighbor's dog who seems to have adopted our family might have been the guilty party. Since the everyone really likes this "wolf dog," they chose not to think about that possibility for any real length of time.

Needless to say, our longing-for-pets-slash-menagerie-sick children were delighted with their daddy's new project.

Tim rounded up an incubator from some friends and now our brood has been waiting, even brooding at times since it seemed to be taking FOREVER, wondering if their dad had rescued those eggs in time or if they'd sat too long in the cold.

We've got our answer.

It is amazing the delight and hope inspired by the sight of many sets of young hands gently cradling, holding brand new life...

...and we wait, 
just a bit breathlessly for the other four to finish their hatching.


You really should join us.
It's fun!


  1. Perfect hand pics for this FMF post! And super cute little birdies :)

    Happy FMF day!

    1. thanks! i thought the were pretty perfect photos, too!

  2. How sweet. What a great family you are...I love animals. Thanks for sharing...Gloria

    1. we found a rehab center to take the chicks and hopefully return them when they are old enough to their natural habitat... and it has been amazing to see God's hand in the timing because my oldest is considering that very type of career for the future!

  3. How amazing!!! Thanks for your sweet sweet words over at Ordinary Inspirations! <3 Traci Michele

    1. loved being able to pop by for a visit. things for the return one! :-)

  4. Hi Richelle,

    I bet you had fun writing that first paragraph, knowing you would surprise some close friends, family and regulars! :) What fun.

    Have a great day,
    Jennifer Dougan

    1. hee hee, Jennifer! actually, probably not. those that know me pretty well know that i'd be totally surprised if i found out we were expecting again, for real! :-)

      watching the chicks hatch, though, was amazing. i never imagined little ones could sit so still and stare at an egg for so long.


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