19 March 2012

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ "Irikoy ma saabu tonton!"

I learned a new Zarma phrase these past few weeks... and the older ladies, particularly the ones in our literacy class, really like it when I use it... at least I think so: they laugh and holler back "Amin, Amin!" (or "Amen! Amen!")

That phrase is "Irikoy ma saabu tonton!"
..."May God cause your thankfulness to grow!"
(or something like that.)

(Well, at least I'm pretty sure that is what it means. Zarma speaking readers - I know there are at least a few of you - please correct me if I'm wrong!)

I've been thinking about what a blessing it is to live in a world, in a place, where a phrase like that is part of the standard greetings;

where giraffes roam just a bit down the road, the sun beats ferocious and the sand blows wild dusty wild;

where both food and water can be scarce- and if not scarce, certainly difficult to afford;

where malaria or dysentery steals so many children too soon in life and a good education is a luxury...

Yet people, in general,  are so willing to recognize that all comes from God, that His blessings abound even in the midst of hardship and suffering, that there is so much more worthy of smiles and laughter than tears and complaints.

These people who don't know the saving grace and power of Jesus, but who understand, often better than I who can let my day be ruined by a power outage and the lack of fans for a few hours, that (to quote a song), while "life is hard, ...God is good."

I was thinking about that as I gazed through these pictures of the baby giraffe and the contortions it had to "accomplish" simply to graze... but then kicked up his heels to chase after and play with his companion.

And I remembered this oft quoted prayer that still hangs on the wall at my Nana and Pop-pop's house: "Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the diference."

this week's gratitude list:
(#s 2013 - 2036)

being able to regularly say "Irikoy ma saabu tonton!" and to pray its truth in my life and the lives of those I love each time I do

watching the m&m feed spaghetti noodles to Cadeau, the parrot... and the smile on her face

little man heading off for a slumber party with his friends - he's growing up

no serious injuries in a little-bit-scary accident I had Sunday morning

still cool mornings - especially as the daytime temps are beginning to sore, I'm thankful for this daily reprieve

eating breakfast on the terrace with Tim

listening to him laugh as he reads a book I just finished and loved, a book that takes me back to my growing up years as an Okie and the place I once called home

big girl laughing after swimming in the river with her friends

big boys trying to plan a W African adventure-voyage

middler girls performing girlish choreographies to Selah sung spirituals

hijacked Bible study discussions

resulting change in Bible study direction-- I'd better get really studying this new material myself, then, eh?

re-realizing how madly in love I still am each time I think about this wonderful guy I married

daddy-fried burgers and fries while I was busy finishing my work... everything was DELICIOUS!

looking forward to a long-awaited hair cut

5 days and counting... and VACATION!!

seeing one of my students almost start to enjoy (instead of fear) algebra

saturday morning coffee and conversation - the company really couldn't be beat

unexpected early morning fb chat with a friend from home

dreaming about a possible ministry opportunity

more awesome teachable moments, "grâce à Dr. Quinn!"

laughter over little girl declaring that she potties outside in the garden like the Sasha the cat: "I do because I can!" 

wearing my favorite jeans and realizing I really can't wear them anymore without a belt

tired arms after swimming laps

(giraffe photos by my sister, Julie Shangraw...
unless it was when I was actually borrowing her camera; then I took the photos. :-)

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! May God cause my thankfulness to grow...may it be so!


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