20 March 2012

Homemade Marshmallows

(Thanks to Nadia for snapping the photos
while everyone else's hands were covered in powdered sugar!)


  1. LOVE this! Love your girl's faces!

    1. they are a goofy lot... wait until you see m&m's face on the photo i've got scheduled to post tomorrow. =D

  2. My Mom used to make homemade marshmallows, too! Happy memories!

    1. i was surprised at how easy it was! making them was a lot of fun. making smores later was even more fun! hee hee!

  3. oh how fun!!! I have never tried a homemade marshmallow but from the looks on their faces they must be tasty!

    1. they are sweeter and a little bit heavier - the mild honey flavor is lovey and they are absoutely delightful roasted or in smores! i've not tried using them in recipes yet... waiting for a school break and that is on the list!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Do you have a recipe you can share??? :-)

    1. sure do - and thanks for kind words!

      i combined two recipes - b/c i can't buy corn syrup here and didn't have alum to make it. but the other one was the only one i saw with the egg whites and where the pics actually looked more like fluffy marshmallows...



      (we doubled and it was quite manageable - kept leftovers in fridge)
      1 tbsp gelatin
      1/4 c cool water
      1 c granulated sugar
      1/4 + 1/8 c water
      1 tbsp honey
      1/8 tsp salt

      1 egg white
      1/2 tsp vanilla

      1/8 c cornstarch
      1/8 c powdered sugar

      stir together cornstarch & powdered sugar - grease and dust baking pan w/ spoonful of powdered sugar mix - set aside

      combine cool water with gelatin, let sit

      in saucepan, combine water, sugar, honey and salt. bring to a rolling boil, stirring constantly for 12ish minutes

      poor hot sugar mix over soaking gelatin

      beat until white and tripled in volume, 6 minutes or so

      in a separate bowl, beat egg white & vanilla until it holds stiff peaks. add to sugar mix until just combined.

      pour into greased pan, sift sugar cornstarch over top. reserve remaining.

      let chill at least three hours. cut into squares and coat sides in sugar/cornstarch mixture.


  5. oh yum!

    thanks for praying for us and particularly for Jack, Richelle. God answered in a way we were not expecting YESTERDAY! I blogged about it, but I'll save you the trouble of clicking over there. His old teacher was back yesterday. Seems that the new one's mother is sick and she needed to go care for here. They have their much loved Madame Joëlle for at least another 2 weeks!

    1. wow! what a sweet answer to prayer - sometimes those little proofs of God working something out for one of our kiddos is even better than when He does something special for us, isn't it?


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