27 July 2010

Off We Go... Into the Wild Blue Yonder...

... and hopefully, that is the only thing our trip back to Niger will have in common with that song... although.... we won't be facing the thunder of bullets and attack aircraft, we will be diving back into a fierce spiritual battle. Please pray for our family as we travel the next 2 days... for uneventful travel and for God-given patience and endurance, especially for the children... and pray for us as we begin to settle back into life on the backside of the desert.

27 JULY: Leave Indianapolis at 4:23 PM, Land in New York at 6:40 PM

27 JULY: Leave New York at 10:00 PM, Land in Casablanca, Morocco at 10:25 AM

28 JULY: Leave Casablanca at 9:30 PM, Land in Niamey, NIGER at 1:10 AM

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