03 July 2009

"~Fly Like an Eagle~"


"Another Post About
What Happens When
the Kids Take Off
With the Camera!"

The week before we moved out of the house, our kids "camped out" in the living room, sleeping on their mattresses in one never-ending slumber party. They also concocted some pretty fun ideas. In these photos, Rebekah would lay on her back and Brendan would run and jump (or dive) over her onto the mattresses and she'd snap a photo of him as he flew across. Their goal was to have the eagle on his t-shirt more or less in focus... I'm going to need to get them to give me photography lessons on how to use my camera. She did mention that it was difficult to make sure he actually ended up in the picture... a fact which was proven by the numerous photos I deleted of nothing but the ceiling and the fan.
Even Jonathan got in on the action.
I think they had fun.
How about you?

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