27 July 2009

Don't Blink...

...or else ... they get all grown up...

Mary Michelle has spent most of her sleeping time in this neat little trick - a friend gave it to me, and I've loved it! It was perfect for our crowded bedroom and was also easily accessible to Rebekah, Nadia and Anna if I asked them to lay the little peanut down... or to go get her. I was hoping it would last as her bed through our transition back to the States.

We didn't make it.

About 2 weeks before we left, I felt it was time to change. Not only was she pushing the size/weight limit, but every time she rolled, it woke her up because she'd bang into the size and she was strong enough that I worried she'd crawl right out and land on the tile floor while I was out hanging laundry or something.

For the last two weeks, she slept on a mattress wedged in between our bed and the floor. She's a cuddler and will often sleep part of the night with us, but when she gets too hot (and that happens often in Niger), we both prefer having our own space. It was a good thing that we had that mattress there, too. One morning I woke up and found her sleeping on the mattress when I knew I'd pulled her up to nurse her earlier in the morning. She must have rolled off the bed (she was rolling all over and everywhere at that time). If she cried about it - neither of us ever woke up.

She must not have been too traumatized - as she slept sweetly for another couple of hours that morning!


  1. love me a sleeping baby...she is very precious

  2. Love LOve LOVE sleeping baby pics!

  3. You can tell our little ones are so close in age. About a week ago we had to make a sleeping arrangement change as well and soon will have to change it a little more as I still have him in the basinette. They are growing up so fast.


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