18 March 2008

Exciting Change!


at least our gang thinks it is pretty exciting.

When we first arrived in Niamey, summer of 2001 - there were exactly 4 varieties of bottled soda available: Coke, Sprite, Fanta (orange flavored) and Youki (a pineapple flavored drink). These, of course, come in the glass bottles - we pay a deposit and then return the case with bottles in exchange for a new case with full bottles. If you look carefully behind the sign in this photo, you can see what those actual cases look like. :-)

I can't even ever remember that system as a little girl in the States.

Our family doesn't drink a lot of pop, so we refill the case once every six weeks - two months, and Tim went to do so last night. Guess what he found...

There are two brand new types of soda (and I know they've been around for a bit - but not too terribly long): strawberry Fanta and grapefruit flavored Fanta!

Sometimes, it really is the little things that can make our day!

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  1. Grapefruit flavored? You know, I might try that if i could find it here in the US. Tart grapefruit with fizz might be interesting. However, as I just have tried Strawberry for the first time, maybe I'll stay away for a while. Neat post...!


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