26 November 2007

"LEAVING! On a Jet Plane..."

We leave tonight.Late.Very late.... There is always a mixed combination of feelings when we return to the States, even for just a few weeks as we are doing this time:
  1. Anticipation - we can't wait to see and hug family, eat some favorite foods (raspberries - yummmmmmm), enjoy the winter weather of Michigan, celebrate the holidays where Christmas music is playing in the stores, trees are decorated everywhere, candle light services at church.....
  2. Trepidation - flying with a family our size is never fun (pray lots, please, for safe and uneventful travel), and we are never quite sure how we will fit/mix back into life on the "other side." Things change so fast in the States, and it is often overwhelming and shocking, especially when we first arrive.
  3. Some sadness - six weeks is a long time to leave our home, our beds and our regular, daily life here. The kids will miss their friends, their pets and lots of school (Don't think that is causing any sadness, at the moment; but it does mean we are taking a rather large chunk of homework with us...SMILE!) Tim and Richelle will miss their different ministries, and we pray that things continue well, knowing we've left them in very capable hands. And, of course, we will miss sweet fellowship with both missionary and African friends and colleagues while we are gone.

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  1. Richelle, Hope you and your family have a good visit with friends and family. By the way, I loved the family picture that is part of your profile!


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