07 November 2007

November 7 - Today is Brendan's Birthday!

Today, Brendan turns 12 - and we are having a hard time getting our hearts to believe it. It is not a problem to convince our minds... we can see the obvious evidence - he is growing tall, starting to look (and sometimes act -which can be both good and bad) like a "becoming teenager." He's even responsible enough to babysit the whole gang for short periods of time (but Rebekah Joy is a good helper, too). But to believe that our sweet little baby, who seemed so glad to escape from the womb and into the world (only one of the kids that refused to be swaddled, preferring at first to lay "spread eagle," as stretched out as he could be... well, while we rejoice it also leaves a bit of an ache in the heart, too - kwim. That's why grandparents and great grandparents are always telling us to treasure every moment...

No birthday pictures, yet. Since tonight is a school night and Bible study night for the secondary school students, we decided to wait and go to the plateau with friends on Saturday night. That is one of Brendan's favorite places. We will also have his favorite meal today - beef stroganoff and green beans. He usually asks for banana pudding in lieu of cake for dessert on his birthday, but that will wait for Saturday.

However, there are some pictures below. Anna's recent baptism has sparked lots of questions from the other kids, who, while each one remembers their own, the details are a bit fuzzy (they were all pretty young). And, of course, some of the younger ones weren't even around. So we asked Gammie and Gampy to email some photos.

Brendan was baptized almost 8 years ago - the winter of 2000, by Pastor Dan at our sending church, Calvary Baptist - just weeks before we moved to Québec for French language study.

One thing we all remarked on - Jonathan is just the spittin' image of his big brother!

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