29 April 2007

THE River Crossing

Sahel Academy (the school where Brendan will be enrolling next year... if he passes CM2 and his French Exams in June) asked if they could borrow our horse, King, for a "Western Night." We were happy to have them do so, except there was one huge obstacle - getting the horse from our side of the Niger River to their side. Neither Tim nor I are accomplished riders (although we are learning), and King can be a bit spooky sometimes, so neither of us was going to volunteer. So Amber (one of our EBM colleagues who will try just about anything) was asked. And, she succeeded - we think King even enjoyed his dips in the water, but he was totally exhausted by the time he returned home!
As you can see, we had several "local" spectators who enjoyed watching, as well as two boatmen who helped show Amber the "best" path to traverse the river - shallow enough that the horse mostly walked, yet without a terribly fast current. What excitement!! And how's this for exciting - I successfully posted twice today, including uploading pictures. Yippee! Maybe we can get this blog thing to work.

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  1. Your horse looks good! How old is he? Found your blog through our common friends the Nomads. Nice! Greetings from Zinder,



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