30 April 2007

The "I Lost My Tooth Story" - by Anna

Anna's officially entered the next phase of her life- loosing teeth, and boy is she proud! Just take a look at that grin - and that is even knowing that there is only one more day of her vacation left. As you can tell, she is also feeling much better and for that, we are praising God.

I asked her if there was anything she'd like to talk about today and she said she wanted to tell everyone all about it:

"I was surprised when my tooth fell out. I was at the Western Night and it was after I rode King. I sat down and was wiggling my tooth and it fell out! I went to tell Nadia and we told my friend Heidi. Heidi congratulated me. My mouth had a little bit of blood in it, so Nadia helped me find Mama and then helped me go rinse my mouth out. Later I put my tooth under my pillow, to see if I would get some money. When I woke up, I was so excited because I had some money. What I did next was I decided to look for more. I did, but I don't remember where. Sometimes Daddy gives me money when I ask, so maybe I'll just have to ask him.

My favorite things about vacation is resting and doing fun stuff like eating breakfast three times in the morning, getting to play, going to the pool more often, and having a slumber party in the living room.

My favorite things about school is Math, English, saying poems and singing French songs and my teacher Madame Pascale. She gets mad at the other kids but not usually at me because I don't talk. Some of my favorite friends are: Yamina, Audrée, Bakisa, Ibrahim, Brennan and Fahrid. I like to play tag and chase with the other kids, especially the boys because they run the fastest."

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