22 August 2014

Five Minute Friday ~ I almost changed my mind...


I'm so glad I didn't.

We were expecting a baby. The ultrasound technician had let us know that our little one was a she. We'd already been talking names, but the conversation both focused and intensified once we only had to worry about girl names.

Then came one of those light bulb moments. We could name her Elsie Mae... after her paternal great grandmother Elsie... and her maternal great grandmother Vera Mae. It was unique enough to please me, had significance and was a way to honor our grandmothers, was "normal" enough that it didn't scare my hubby... and it was just cute and fun to say.

We impetuously shared our plan with a few.

"Oh don't do that... Moooooooo... Don't you remember Elsie, the Borden cow?" was the first response we received. I think it was teasing... but still?

People pleaser that I am, my initial instinct was to scrap the name. I seriously started pouring through a well ripped and dog-eared baby name book, considering other names. But nothing else resonated with both of us, and impetuous girl that she is, she arrived a few weeks sooner than expected.

Elsie Mae Brianne she became.

Today, it is hard to imagine a more perfect name, especially now that we've had the joy of knowing this girl for almost 8 years. 

She LOVES milk - most mornings I feel a milk mustache after one of her several kisses. She found it hilarious when we were traveling down south earlier this year and our van passed a truck sporting Elsie on the side. She saw her name immediately, and continued giggling about it on and off for the next week! A Scottish diminutive, her name means "my God is bountiful... my God is a god of plenty." Her energetic and optimistic outlook on life reminds me of that truth almost every single day. Usually smiling, cheerful, singing, skipping, thoughtful, kind (even to her siblings, most of the time) and wanting to be helpful even when her impetuousness has created catastrophe, she's sweet and charming. She loves people and she loves life. Almost every moment is an adventure in fun and her cup is never only half full... It cheerfully bubbles over! I'll never forget one morning a few years back as I kissed her forehead to wake her up after all the big siblings had left for school. She smiled sleepily and whispered, "I must be a princess because I got woken up by a kiss!" And THAT is pretty much the attitude with which she approaches every day.

Yes, there are times that change can be good, beautiful and needed - particularly as we respond to the concerns and needs of others. But there are also times when sticking with the original plan really is the right choice. 

It certainly was when it came to our wonderful girly!

Linking up with Kate for another 5 Minute Friday... and as you can tell,
this week's word was change.


  1. i love this story about your girl's name. Isn't it funny when you just know that a name has to be their name? even if everyone who hears it doesn't like it...or knows someone they don't like with that name. I had a similar story with my oldest Meredith. She was late so we could name her that. ;) I enjoyed reading this!

    1. glad you enjoyed... it was fun to write... just thinking about my girl makes me smile!

  2. How precious! I love hearing about your sweet little girl-- I'm so glad there are sunny people like her in our world. I want to be more like her. :)

    1. I say that all the time... "I want to be more like her!" =P


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