01 May 2014

~ of bugs and maple buds ~

Spring, sorta, seems to have finally sprung in Michigan (although you wouldn't know by today's morning temperatures...) The grass is turning green, the huge pile of snow at the side of the church/school parking lot has almost melted (although I'm still not trying to cut through and take the short cut to school as the mud is more like quicksand), flowers are popping up in gardens as are seasonal flower shops around town, and the trees are budding.

We have a large maple tree in our front yard, and it is budding.

We've also recently had a severe thunderstorm with strong winds and some heavy rain... meaning red buds have fallen off and are dotting the yard and sidewalk.

Mary Michelle was so excited when she saw them...

"Mama! Rainy season red bugs are here! Yay!!"

When I told her that they weren't the rainy season red bugs, she asked for the seemingly billioneth time this year, "Why can't we go back to Niger?" 

Oh... the things that make us homesick for our Niger home...

Still sipping hot chocolate... at the end of April...

Still in just her underwear, but snuggling with big bro...

Still smiling!

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