27 February 2014

Big Changes! And our latest prayer letter ~

In our Christmas letter, we indicated that changes were in store, and now we have the freedom to share those with you….

The last few years, God has opened our eyes to the fact that He was changing our direction.

Niger is home. We love living and ministering in that land and we’ve made many special and dear friends. Yet Tim has trained several young men and a few young women to do most of what he was doing at the studio. There are now two Christian radio stations in Niger. One of those stations is now responsible for producing the weekly radio broadcasts as well as for airing Thru the Bible each week day. Several of the other ministries we were helping to oversee are in their final stages of becoming independent of the mission and we began (reluctantly) asking ourselves if perhaps God was prompting us to consider another ministry somewhere else.

Head on over to our ministry web page to read the rest...

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